Our Mission

The Sierra Agra's three-year plan calls for an eventual reclamation of multi-crop harvests on 10,000 acres in Sierra Leone and establishing a supply and processing chain to support the activities of 10,000 farmers, positively impacting the income and lives of over 100,000 citizens of Sierra Leone, as well as contributing to the tax revenue base and retirement funds in-country from the eventual generation of over $20,000,000 in revenues annually.

Sustainable Positive Impact

  • Land Reclamation - turn defunct mines into farmland.

  • 100,000 family members and others - 2% of the population - will benefit.

  • Re-engagement of farmers

  • Refurbishment and expansion of AFJ juice processing plant

  • Multi-crop harvests

  • Logistics and health services support of NGO's in the region

  • Natural resource sector revitalization

  • Enhancement of cayenne pineapple production

Project 10,000 is an initiative that targets an aggressive but achievable multi-phased plan to generate 10,000 tons of processed fruit products annually, access 10,000 acres of existing farm land and previously-mined land to be reclaimed and revitalized for commercial organic farming, and create 10,000 new farming, delivery and processing jobs, which will positively impact over 100,000 family members and others in the post-Ebola crisis recovery effort in Sierra Leone. Harvest, supply and processing will encompass an already robust annual indigenous mango crop, an enhancement of cayenne pineapple production, and a new focus on guava, coconut, papaya, cassava, passion fruit and cashew processing.  This multi-crop supply and processing approach will serve to ensure a twelve-month maximum employment cycle and revenue stream. 

The target time horizon for full execution of our goals is 36 months.  Implementation of Project 10,000 will commence immediately on first funding.

Project 10,000 is organized and administered through Sierra Agra, Inc, and its Sierra Leone subsidiary, working in a collaboration with Taia Peace Foundation (“TPF”), a 501(c)(3) domiciled in New York that has operated in Sierra Leone since 2007.  The group will also be involved in the support of natural resource sector revitalization, health services support and logistics support for selected NGO’s in the region.  

The first phase of Project 10,000, with the goal of creating a vertically-integrated farming, supply, and processing chain for internal consumption and export of juices and related products, will be the acquisition and expansion of the former Africa Felix Juice facility near Freetown.